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Worker installing solar panel on roof

Specialists in solar panel
and air source heat pump (ASHP) servicing in Dumbarton and across Scotland



At CMS Surveyors Ltd, Dumbarton, we offer a solar panel and ASHP servicing, as well as installation and repair options to suit your individual requirements. We work on both domestic and commercial solar PV systems and air source heat pumps across Scotland. Get in touch to find out more.

Keeping your renewable energy supply working the way it should

Once you have your heat pump or solar thermal system in place, it is important to complete an annual service to ensure the system is working efficiently, the safety features are maintained, and the manufacturer’s warranties are all still valid. At CMS Surveyors Ltd, we cover all renewable energy systems including ASHPs, solar panels, battery storage, and more. If you have an air source heat pump that needs repairs or have a solar energy system installed that needs attention, please get in touch. Our friendly and experienced team is here to help, and we cover all of Scotland from our base in Dumbarton.

CMS SUrveyors servicing a heat pump
glass planet in a forest with sunshine
Lifting a solar panel before installation

Solar thermal servicing from a team of experts

Solar thermal systems must be serviced annually to avoid downtime and system failures. The glycol fluid should be topped up every tear to maintain the freezing point of the heat transfer fluid (typically minus 15 to minus 25 degrees). The pump station must also be checked regularly to protect its warranty. We have a fault-finding service if you are experiencing any issues, and we can also inspect, clean or repair, and replace any panels. We can also assist with preventative measures, for example, it’s not uncommon to nest under the panels. We can help you deal with that issue. As with anything, it’s not always thought about until something goes wrong – however, regular maintenance can help stop small problems become big ones.

Don’t have the right system installed yet or looking for a new green energy solution?




Let CMS evaluate your eligibility to upgrade your existing system or replace an older fossil fuel system. You could claim up to £11,500 cashback and if the cost of installation is more, you can access an interest-free loan to make up the difference, up to a maximum of £28,500 combined cashback/loan.

Air source heat pumps (ASHP) servicing

Air Source Heat Pumps also require regular servicing. An annual service is required to maintain the system and for guarantee purposes. When we carry this out there is a multitude of things we cover to ensure everything is operating as it should be. We can:

Top up the refrigerant if it’s running low

Uncover and repair any leakage

Measure airflow to ensure it’s reaching the correct levels

Test the responsiveness of the thermostat

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If you want an engineer who can offer solar panel repairs or air source heat pump servicing, call CMS Surveyors Ltd in Dumbarton on:

01389 298330

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