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CMS Surveyors Ltd, in Dumbarton, is an approved supplier and can help with HES funding



Funding of up to £28.5k is available for Scottish homeowners who want to upgrade their heating and energy to a renewable source. CMS Surveyors Ltd are here to help you with your application for Home Energy Scotland funding for a new air source heat pump or solar PV system with battery storage. Find out more by getting in touch

Home Energy Scotland Funding

Home Energy Scotland is an advice service funded by the Scottish Government and managed by Energy Saving Trust. People in Scotland can get advice about: Creating a warmer, more energy-efficient home. Reducing energy bills. Exploring greener energy options like home renewables. An estimate of £28,500 funding is available where up to £11,500 cashback, and if the cost of installation is more, you can access an interest-free loan to make up the difference, up to a maximum of £28,500 combined cashback/loan. Contact us to enquire about what funding is available to you and we can guide you through the process. Let CMS evaluate your eligibility and show you how renewable heating could save you money when you install an air source heat pump or solar PV system and battery storage.

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Save money, save carbon, save the planet

Choose renewable energy and update your home’s heating and power source to solar PV and battery storage or an energy efficient air source heat pump.


Please note: Home Energy Scotland has their own criteria and clients are advised to speak with them directly to confirm what funding is available. CMS Surveyors is an HES-approved supplier, and we will help guide you through the process. Get in touch to find out more and chat to our knowledgeable team.

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Case study: Air source heat pump installation

This client has a 5Kw solar PV array and around 9Kw of battery storage. This allows them to harness energy from the sun, store it, use smart energy tariffs at 1/5 of normal unit price and use this to power their new Midea heat pump installed by CMS. This 16Kw unit powers their large, detached property and comes with a 10-year warranty.

Want to see some of the fabulous success stories from CMS Surveyors Ltd?




Take a look at some of our highlighted case studies using the link provided. Our goal is to make renewable energy accessible and affordable and help make Scotland a more eco-friendly place!

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Interested in finding our more about HES funding? Get in touch with CMS Surveyors Ltd in Dumbarton by calling:

01389 298330

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