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About CMS Surveyors Ltd in Dumbarton and our green energy solutions



We are specialists in sustainable energy solutions. With a focus on designing and installing state-of-the-art air source heat pumps, solar PV systems, and advanced battery storage solutions, we are committed to helping you reduce your carbon footprint and energy costs. Our expert team provides tailored services to ensure optimal performance and efficiency, making renewable energy accessible and affordable for homes and businesses alike. Embrace a greener future with CMS, your trusted partner in sustainable energy innovation. Read more about us below and get in touch today.

Renewable energy and green energy solutions

CMS are an MCS accredited renewable technologies company specialising in the design and installation of air source peat Pumps, solar PV and battery storage systems. Our renewables team has years of industry experience, and we work in consultation with residential and commercial customers. Every heating and energy upgrade we design is tailored to meet your specific requirements and modelled to save money, save carbon, and save the planet.

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Meet The CMS Surveyors Team

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CMS is also one of the leading Quality Assurance providers in the United Kingdom. We conduct thousands of technical inspections every month on a variety of installations including Air Source heat pumps, Solar PV, boilers, heating controls and insulation measures.


Our remit is to support our clients to ensure a consistently high level of compliance with PAS2030, PAS2035 and other regulatory guidance. We work directly with utilities, carbon management and installation companies.

Want to change to green energy in your home? You could claim up to £28,500 in funding from Home Energy Scotland!




Let CMS evaluate your eligibility and show you just how easy, affordable and accessible renewable energy could be. You could claim up to £11,500 cashback and if the cost of installation is more, you can access an interest-free loan to make up the difference, up to a maximum of £28,500 combined cashback/loan.

  • Is an Air Source Heat Pump the Best Option for Me?
    There are a few things you will need to take into consideration when deciding if an air source heat pump is right for you. First of all, you will need a place for it. Ideally, you would need a space outside your house where you can fit it to a wall or place it on the ground. They also work more effectively in homes that are well insulated as this would minimise any heat loss. Also have a think about the type of heat source that the air source pump is replacing. It will save you much more money if you are transitioning from a system that is typically expensive such as electric heating, oil or LPG.
  • How do Air Source Heat Pumps Work?
    There are 2 main types of Air Source Heat Pumps which are Air-to-Air, and Air-to-Water. Air-to-Water are the most common types of ASHP’s. Here, the pump will absorb the heat from the air outside, and then transfer the heat into water whereas Air-to-Air needs to circulate warm air around your house. If you are looking for funding, check out the Home Energy Scotland funding options on our site.
  • How Efficient Are Air Source Heat Pumps in Winter?
    There is a common myth that air source heat pumps won’t work in winter – however, they are still functional in the colder weather. It works like a sponge, so heat is absorbed and transferred. Even in temperatures as low as -25 degrees they can still heat up a home. Even if it is -10 degrees and there is snow on the ground, the refrigerant gas still absorbs heat from the ambient air temperature.
  • How Loud Are Air Source Heat Pumps?
    Most heating products will make a noise of some sort, and ASHP’s is typically around 40-60 decibels when a meter away, however, this will depend on the individual product. As this is classed as a permitted development and no planning permission is required, you can install them as close as 1m to a neighbour or bedroom which gives you an idea how quiet they really are!
  • Will I Qualify for the HES Funding?
    Air source heat pumps are part of the scheme introduced by the Government. The objective is to reward people who are investing in renewable heating technology and changing from fossil fuels. This means that you could receive financial income for every unit of heat generated.
  • What is the Metering and Monitoring Service Package?
    A Metering and Monitoring Service Package (MMSP) is a useful way to check how well your heating system is performing. If you have an air source heat pump or a biomass boiler that burns wood pellets, you could be eligible for MMSP. This service package will log data every two minutes and can result in additional financial support of £1610. This payment typically comes at the same time as the quarterly RHI payments. MMSP will use temperature sensors, electricity meters and heat meters to obtain accurate data on your system’s performance.

Find out more with our FAQs

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Interested in finding out more about your renewable energy options? Talk to the experts at CMS Surveyors Ltd in Dumbarton now on:

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