Solar PV Systems

Solar energy is one of the world’s fastest growing renewable solutions. You could save money, save carbon and save the planet by harnessing the sun’s energy to power your home, office or commercial building.

Installing Solar Panels reduces your dependency on the grid and will produce electricity all year round, even on cloudy days.


In house design team

We utilise cutting-edge design software to ensure you reach the full potential of your building’s energy efficiency.


Reduced Energy Costs for Business

Solar panels can also be used to help power a commercial building, removing the dependency to use energy from the grid which isn’t always from renewable sources. Solar panels absorb light that shines on them and a direct current of electricity is created. This electricity is fed back into an inverter which makes the electricity usable on the commercial property.

Commercial solar panels can be a great investment for any business to help reduce costs, improve efficiency, and lessen your company’s impact on the envirnoment/ At CMS Surveyors, we offer a range of commercial solar panels that are cost-effective and efficient.

Solar Power Battery Storage

Solar panel battery storage systems will store the energy that has been generated, and allow you to use it in the evenings, when your panels will have stopped generating. You can use these irrespective of whether you are connected to the grid. The cost of the battery storage will depend on the size and capacity needed.


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  • Reduce carbon emissions coming from your property
  • Generate electricity for free
  • Reduce grid dependency
  • Reduced energy bills