Home Energy Scotland

Funding of up to £10k available for Scottish homeowners

Home Energy Scotland is an advice service funded by the Scottish Government and managed by Energy Saving Trust. People in Scotland can get advice about: Creating a warmer, more energy-efficient home. Reducing energy bills. Exploring greener energy options like home renewables.

An estimate of £10k funding is available where up to 75% of the funding could be cashback (£7,500), and you would pay back the remaining £2,500 as an interest-free loan.

Let CMS evaluate your eligibility and show you how renewable heating could save you money when you install a qualifying make and model of Air Source Heat Pump.


**Home Energy Scotland has their own criteria and clients are advised to speak with them directly to confirm what funding is available. CMS Surveyors is an HES-approved supplier and we will help guide you through the process.

Case Study: Air Source Heat Installation with HES Funding

This client has a 5Kw solar PV array and around 9Kw of battery storage. This allows them to harness energy from the sun, store it, use smart energy tariffs at 1/5 of normal unit price and use this to power their new Midea heat pump installed by CMS.

This 16Kw unit powers their large detached property and comes with a 10 year warranty.

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