Why you should switch to an air source heat pump UK

Have you recently found out about air source heat pumps and want to know more about them? You’ve come to the right place! Heat pumps are used across the globe and are especially useful in conserving energy. An air source heat pump UK works by taking the residual heat from the outside air and using a complex technology which converts the air into energy that will heat your home. Some heat pumps can take the air from outside and convert this to heating water up to around eighty degrees.

There are so many benefits to this for homeowners across the UK. Below, we thought we’d tell you a bit more about why you should switch to an air source heat pump UK in 2021.

Better for the environment

An air source heat pump UK can be used for many different things, particularly for heating and cooling purposes. The smart technology system used by heat pumps is very beneficial for the environment in different ways. For example, they lower each household’s carbon footprint and thus lowers carbon emissions. This is especially useful for those who care about the environment and are committed to helping the UK Government achieve Nat Zero by 2050.

To help reach the Nat Zero targets by 2050, the UK Government have set aside funding to install approximately nineteen million heat pumps in new build homes across the country. As well as this, they have also created the Renewable Heat Incentive that offers homeowners and business owners payments if they switch to renewable energy. This scheme is a fantastic benefit for all individuals and should be widely considered. To find out some more about heat pumps in general and to find out if you qualify for the scheme, contact CMS Surveyors today!

More cost-effective

As well as getting the opportunity to be paid RHI from installing an air source heat pump, the installation process is more cost-effective for you in the long run. Research has shown that heat pumps have approximately 250-350% higher efficiency rate than a fossil fuel boiler. As well as being easier to install, they are cheaper for you in the long run as you’re not spending as much money filling up your meter or paying money to your central heating service. Another great thing about heat pumps is that they can become embedded into your central heating system as well as supplementing your boiler.

Heat pumps have a long life-span

Finally, you should consider switching to an air source heat pump UK because they are very reliable and last a long time. Research shows that they can last around twenty years before they need replaced – this is because they are made both efficiently and effectively. Your heat pump’s life-span would also largely depend on your location, the type of heat pump you’re using as well as the maintenance.

If you are considering switching to an air source heat pump UK in 2021, consider reaching out to the CMS Surveyors team who can guide you in the right direction.