The Benefits of Technical Monitoring for Your Business

Improving your energy efficiency will have lasting great effects for you, your business, and for the entire planet. It can lower your utility bills and help stabilize electricity prices and volatility, while also lowering greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants, on top of decreasing water use.

Implementing energy efficiency into your business will lower costs, affecting overall revenue, while decreasing your carbon footprint. There is a number of ways you can be more energy efficient in your business, but they would all be aided by technical monitoring. Read on to understand technical monitoring and its effects on your business.

What is the ECO scheme?

To understand technical monitoring, you should know that it applies to businesses funded by the Energy Company Obligation, or ECO, scheme.

Set up by the government to tackle global warming by lowering carbon emissions, the ECO scheme ensures companies stick to the rules and keep their carbon emissions low.

What is technical monitoring?

Technical and score monitoring is the act of inspecting ECO measures to ensure they are being met. ECO Obligated Utility companies are required to conduct these inspections regularly to ensure that the correct level of funding is applied to the measures via score monitoring. It is the best solution for remaining compliant within the ECO scheme and not losing its benefits.

Technical monitoring audits are required at every stage of insulation and heating installations. Any gaps that need to be filled will be found with these audits, along with ensuring that the requirements are being met.

What benefits does it offer?

By tracking your energy usage, you will aid your employees, your business, and the environment. Improving your energy efficiency will save your company money in utility bills, which can add up quickly in any business. These costs will come back to you in your revenue and your business will gain brand recognition for being environmentally friendly.

Your staff will enjoy better working conditions, since research published by the Journal Frontiers of Psychology told that employees working for an energy efficient company were found to be more productive due to appropriate lighting and properly installed heating and air conditioning.

Energy consumption remains a main source of human-caused greenhouse gas emissions and cause of climate change. Tracking and controlling your business’ energy usage can go a long way to repairing the adverse effects of global warming.

What can you do?

As a member of the Association of Technical Monitoring Agents (ATMA), CMS have a dedicated team of experienced and highly trained auditors to offer full support in monitoring your business’ energy usage.

CMS offers Compl-i, which is an automated means of carrying out technical monitoring. A secure, purpose-built, all-in-one system is installed to track and place order progress. You can view completed inspections instantly, as well as results and evidence of each, avoiding the long wait for a manual report.

If you are concerned about your business’ effect on the planet, get in touch with our team today. Our team of auditors can help you to find the right solution for your business property.