Scotland Misses Its Greenhouse Gas Emissions Target

The Scottish Government has vowed to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions and has been working on strategies to help achieve these goals. However, a recent report showed that while the figures for 2019 fell 51.5% against the baseline, the target was not met as planned. Will Scotland achieve its net zero target by 2045 as planned? Below, we look at the recent results and how you can help to play your part.

Another Missed Target

It should be noted that the year-on-year emissions for Scotland as a whole fell. While some might consider a 51.5% fall against the baseline a success, the target was originally set at 55%. According to the report, Scotland is also no longer regarded as a “carbon sink” which is used to soak up carbon dioxide.

The Scottish Government currently has another target in place to cut greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2045. Interestingly, this is five years ahead of the legal target previously set for the whole of the UK. With another missed target on the books, some influential people are calling for the Scottish Government to do more to avoid this happening again.

Disappointing For The Government

Scottish Labour’s spokeswoman for net zero, energy and transport, Monica Lennon believes that the Scottish government isn’t taking enough actions to reduce carbon emissions. She said: “Empty promises and missed targets are not good enough in a climate emergency. In the year of COP26, when Scotland should be leading the world, we are instead failing on the basics.”

Some party members and advocates for net zero believe that the carbon sink shrinking is a cause for concern. WWF Scotland has also noted its concern for the issues surrounding the peatlands in Scotland.

How Can You Help?

While the government holds the power when it comes to cutting down the greenhouse gas emissions across Scotland, there are steps that we can take as citizens to make positive changes. For example, we should all be adjusting our lives and the way that we live them if we want to reduce the emissions overall.

An increasingly popular option for homeowners in Scotland is to switch from a fossil fuel boiler to an air source heat pump. This heating option is up to 350% more efficient and can help to lower carbon emissions in your area. In addition to that, there are government incentives already in place to help promote the installation of air source heat pumps in Scottish homes.

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