How Solar Panels will Benefit you this Winter

Solar panels, as we all know, are one of the most eco-friendly ways to store energy in your home. Solar panels have a misconception of only being able to utilize their full potential in 30-degree heat. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Commercial solar panels can be extremely vital in helping you save in the long term and also help your house become eco-friendly.

How do Solar cells function?

How do solar panels work? The answer is that solar panels are made up of photovoltaic cells, these cells become energised when they are in contact with light particles, also known as photons. Energy is then transformed within the cell into an electrical current that can be used to fill many different purposes.

Solar cells actually function better when the temperature is lower, as the majority of electrical equipment. Too much heat has the possibility of reducing the efficiency of the cells, meaning that a chilly, sunny day in Scotland for example, will acquire more energy from solar cells than a warm, sunny day.

Solar power during the Winter months

Although the winter months aren’t the months that generate the highest energy yield, solar panels still work perfectly fine. The only factor that has changed is that there is less sunshine during the day compared to the winter days.

Even on dreary British winter days, solar cells can still generate a staggering amount of electricity. This is only possible as solar cells can work with either direct or diffuse light. Direct light is the light that travels straight from the sun to the ground and diffuse light can be found in the atmosphere.

How do solar panels store and maintain this energy in Winter?

Energy can be efficiently secured using solar battery storage (SBS), this is a smart and useful way to ensure that you are utilising all of the energy you have collected throughout the year. For example, if you had an extremely warm and sunshine-filled summer, SBS can save this energy and use it for the winter nights when there is slightly less light to connect with the solar panels.

To ensure that you are fully utilising your solar panels, then you must acquire a good battery. A battery that you trust and depend on can help you in preparing a different battery system for the winter while also increasing the lifespan and capacity of the batteries.


Although it may look as though you are using a lot of energy in the winter months, this is combatted by the summer months where you were given the opportunity to use less energy than what you generate. To ensure that you are maximising your return on investment then you must make sure to adjust the size of the solar panel installation to your annual consumption.

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