How Can Home Energy Scotland Help You?

 Of all the improvements you could make to your home, improving your energy efficiency and lowering your carbon footprint can be some of the best. There are several organisations out there that you can turn to for guidance, but Home Energy Scotland is waiting to help Scottish homeowners make these changes now.

Who is Home Energy Scotland?

Home Energy Scotland is an organisation funded by the Scottish Government and managed by the Energy Saving Trust. Through their network of regional advice centres across Scotland, they are able to offer advice on energy saving and other green topics that are localised to you. After all, someone in Caithness might have different needs compared to someone in Dumbarton!

In addition to advising how you might make improvements in your home, they can also help you to secure funding for these improvements. Making these sorts of changes to your home can be expensive initially, but they could prove to be extremely cost-effective in the long run.

Interest-free Loans

One service that Home Energy Scotland is able to offer is interest-free loans for those making improvements on their homes. This loan is funded by the Scottish Government, and is a great way for you to get the funding you need to make changes to your home.

One of the most important things you need to note about this loan is that you need to have a quote from an installer as part of your application. So, if you want to install an air source heat pump with the help of CMS Surveyors, you can take our quote and use it in your application to apply for a loan.

This is just one type of funding that you could acquire through Home Energy Scotland – they have advice on funding you could acquire for many other aspects of renewable living too!

Cashback and Cheaper Bills

If you are going to make improvements to your home in terms of renewable sources like air source heat pumps, you should also be aware of some of the incentives that can come with it.

One of the main ones that you should be aware of is the Renewable Heat Incentive. This is a scheme from the UK government that will give a homeowner quarterly payments over seven years after they have installed renewable heating technologies in their homes.

Home Energy Scotland can help you establish whether or not you are eligible for these payments, and can help with your application to receive them. They can also offer advice on some of the other methods you can use to reduce your energy bills overall.

Home Energy Scotland is a fantastic organisation that can help make the process of applying for loans and grants that bit easier for homeowners to understand. If you want to make renewable improvements to your home, kick things off with an air source heat pump installed by us here at CMS Surveyors. This could be the perfect first step to help you cut down on your energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint!