Commercial Solar

What Are Commercial Solar Panels?

Commercial solar panels are used to help power a commercial building, removing the dependency to use energy from the grid which isn’t always from renewable sources. Solar panels absorb light that shines on them and a direct current of electricity is created. This electricity is fed back into an inverter which makes the electricity usable on the commercial property.

At CMS Surveyors, we offer a range of commercial solar panels that are cost-effective and efficient.


Looking for an EPC?

If you are selling or renting your property, you will require an Energy Performance Certificate. CMS Surveyors can help you get an accurate EPC in no time at all.

Key Benefits of Commercial Solar Panels

  • Reduce carbon emissions coming from your commercial property
  • Generate electricity for free
  • Reduce grid dependency
  • Pay as you save and PPA options available
  • No capital outlay with commercial solar panels